Below you will find two forms that must be filled out and returned to the front desk.

Registration and Enrollment Form is as simple as it sounds. Please print all the information asked and read everything through carefully. We ask you sit down as a family and read together so there are no questions that might have already been answered within the form. Once this step is done, please scroll down and fill out the last form needed.

The last, but more important, form is the Liability Waiver form. Again we ask you sit down with your family during this and read everything printed. Once completed bring to the studio to make registration fast when you walk in the door!

Every student being enrolled must have their own registration form and liability waiver. The registration Fees will depend on time of year. Fall/Spring Session registration fee is $15.00 per student or $25.00 per family. Summer Session registration fee is $10.00 per student (no family rate during Summer Session). This fee will be due at enrollment to hold the child’s place in classes.

You will also be asked to fill out an Auto Payment Authorization Form. This will ensure we have the correct information on file from your family to process tuition securely.